Centument LTD

Centument LTD Masterpiece for higher returns, is a new binary options signal software. Touted to be next best trading software, we investigate if this is Scam or Verified.devices

Full Review for Centument Ltd

Centument.com is founder by Gerald Reed. Centument trading software is a web-based algo-trading system, which means that no downloads are necessary. Centument trading software hooks up to a Binary Options Broker, and once lodged, takes trades in remote control. There is nothing remarkably special, about this, as most scam software, advertise the same advantages. So what is it about Centument trading software that makes it a class above all others

Centument trading software has been developed by Gerald Reed along with a team of very professional traders, who were part of the fast track trading team before Lehmann Brothers went bust, and the Dod Frank Act, limited the huge bonuses which they were paid. Self-confessed Gerald Reed was addicted to the high profile life, of sex, drugs and rock and roll, not to mention money and power.


Having been forewarned about the impending launch of Centument trading software, I’m immediately registered and funded my account with the minimum $250, in order to see whether this software would deliver its potential. The first pleasant surprise was that the Broker which we were assigned to, was PowerTrade. Power Trade Brokers have a credible and upright reputation in the Binary Options market. So the first promise of the Centument Team, to deal only with accredited brokers proved correct.

Then I set the software to trade with low risk, and minimum trades. The Centument trading software user friendly interface makes us give it thumbs up for trader experience. But the results make a decent profit of a few hundreds within the first couple of days. Slow, sure and steady trading, have been the consistent trademark for Centument trading software. The strategy used for trading is one of taking smaller stakes, spreading trades among profitable assets.


Bottom Line

I’m feels very optimistic in discovering a software system in good time, before it goes viral, and which has been tested successfully. I will continue to test the software, but my experience so far with Centument trading software has been successful. I’m declare Centument as being a Legitimate Software. Centument.com is probably one of the rare automated solutions that trusted. So, Please join Centument Now Before Today!