Binary Boom Review


So what makes the Binary Boom over 87.5% accurate when all other software can barely reach 85%? It’s all in the Math, let me explain it better in the review below:

Product: Binary Boom
Creator: Denis Anker
Official Site: WWW.BINBOOM.COM

Behind The Math: Review of Binary Boom

Imagine this: you have a sequence of numbers, it can be 1, 2, 3, or 2, 4, 6 or anything with a pattern. You see, every sequence of numbers has a pattern that is govern by a rule. For example the second set is simply even numbers or number that go up by 2. That’s why once you know the rule you can predict the next outcome almost 90% of the time, aside from unrelated errors.

So what does this have to do with Binary Boom? Well, the Forex market is really just complicated sequences of numbers that are govern by certain rules or factors.  The true difference between a good trader and great one is knowing more or most of factors.

Most software or decent traders only take into account a few factors. That is why they’re never above 55-60% accurate, or just 5% to 10% above picking trades at random. The traders at 70% accuracy might take into account a dozen factors or so making them 20% more accurate. Denis Anker claims that Binary Boom considers all of the factors that influence the trades making it above 88% accurate, but does it really?

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How Does It Work In Practice?

I decided to look at the latest trades performed by the software to see if Binary Boom is works or not.

Below you can see 8 trades and out of those 7 wins and 1 losses.


This makes it 87.5% accurate. Not bad, better than I ever seen but still not 100%. With that said this is only based on a small number of trades. If for example we looked at 100 trades that were performed by Binary Boom it would reach 87.5% at least, and with 1000 trades 87.5%.

However, I’ll take 87.5% out of 50 trades any day. As you can see on the calculation on the right those 50 traded yield $154 in profits in just over few hour.

The total bid amount was $500 and total return, even despite the one loss, was $654. So after subtracting the bids you end up with $154 in pure profit.

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That’s an 30.8%  positive ROI (return on investment), which basically means if you made these trades you would earn 30.8% more than you invested.

Note: The really important part is that these 50 trades were made in just one day.  Where can you find an investment that pays out as much return in just a day? But Denis is closing the doors soon so watch out.

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